Opera Ottone, G.F. Händel

OPERA OTTONE van G.F. Händel


The deposed king Ottone, who, by winning the see-battle returned to the throne, will marry the beautiful Byzantine Princess Theophane, however misguided. She believed of being introduced to Ottone, while it is Prince Adalbert, the prince of the counterparty, who pretends to be Ottone in order to get from the beautiful Theophane her limitless gold and the throne in possession.

Theophane had never met Ottone, only a painted miniature in a pendant was a tool for her to recognize Ottone. This plot creates diverse situations such as misunderstanding , sadness, revenge, jealousy and annoyance.

Opera Ottone was a great success for Händel in his lifetime, and the extreme beauty of its music and exciting dynamic plot shows us why.

Baroque opera is full of superb, stylized emotions, containing a great dynamical contrast, but they can also be realistic and full of motions.

This opera was discovered by working together with Mattias Pavlous and Leonardo Valiante, after being performed the opera Rodelinda in 2014. As a matter of fact, he was enthusiastically driven and inspired by the roles of the cast, which took him to deepen in this magnificent opera.

Nicolo Haym has adapted the text from the libretto that Stefano Pallavicino had written for the performances of Lotti’s Teofane in 1719. Pallavicino had based his plot on the true story of an earlier royal marriage, that of King Otto II of Germany to the East Princess Theophane, which had taken place in Rome in 972.

For this extensive production we have a very talented cast of soloists:

Mariana Pimenta (Portugal)                     Teofane 

Mattias Pavlous (Greece)                            Ottone 

Rut Palacio Codina (Spain)                                    Matilda

Luise Kimm ( Germany)                             Adelberto

Jorne van Bergeijk (Netherlands)         Emireno

Andrea Tjäder (Sweden)                             Gismonda

The baroque ensemble consists of 14 musicians, led by harpsichordist conductor Leonardo Valiante.


This opera contains dramatic scenes, intrigue, jealousy , hope, revenge and discussions between the lovers, ending in a hopeful moving end. In the recitatives you can tell the story and the drama, meanwhile in the arias it gives the soloists the possibility to express their thoughts and emotions to the audience.

Come and listen to this great intriguing opera.


The first highlights will be on Sunday 18th October 2015 , 3pm at Emmauskerk, Leyweg 930, The Hague.

The second one will take place on Sunday 22nd May 2016, at Geertekerk, Utrecht and the whole opera will be on 21st and 29th October 2016, at Emmauskerk and the Church of Our Saviour, in The Hague.


Information: 06-23867050


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