Highlights opera Ottone on 22 May 2016 in Utrecht

The second highlights of opera Ottone Händel will take place on 22nd May 2016 in the Geertekerk in Utrecht. The concert will start at 15.30. The tickets cost € 25,00; in advance € 17,00.

The 1st Highlights had a great success on 18th October 2015 in the Emmauskerk, The Hague. The whole opera will be performed on 21st and 29th October 2016 in the Emmauskerk and in the Church of Our Saviour , The Hague.


Mattias Pavlous                      King Ottone

Mariana Andrade Pimenta   his fiancé Teofane

Rut Codina Palacio                Matilda

Luise Kimm                             Adelberto

Dody Soetanto                        pirate Emireno

Andrea Tjäder                        Gismonda, Matilda’s mother

The baroque ensemble led by harpsichordist Leonardo Valiante.

Enjoy the amazing music of Händel.

Tickets desk by  concertovaliante@ziggo.nl of mobile nr. 06-23867050