Highlights of opera Catone in Utica by Antonio Vivaldi in Theater Dakota
Friday, October 27, 2017,  at 20.15

Power, intrigue, trust and forgiveness.
A story of all times.
You are welcome to come and listen to the opera.

Carlos Monteiro       Catone

Bonny de la Hunty  Cesare

Marta Loncar            Emilia

Mariana Pimenta      Arbace

Aleksan Chobanov   Fulvio


Baroque ensemble

Led by Leonardo Valiante       

The drama concerns the final confrontation between Catone, a defender of Roman liberty, and Caesar, who became the supreme dictator. For the text was librettist Metastasio inspired by historical events of the last days of Catone.

The victory over Pompeii’s Julius Caesar become absolute ruler of Rome. Only the former Republican Senator Catone still resist its power. Surrounded by his loyal followers, including Pompeo’s widow Emilia, Catone has fled to Numidia (present-day Tunisia), under the patronage of Prince Arbace, leaving Cesare is forced to besiege the capital Utica.

The first performance in 1737, Verona, Vivaldi’s Catone in Utica seems to be appreciated to be a successful masterpiece in that period.