ConcertoValiante is an organization that was born in 2010 from the passion of harpsichordist Leonardo Valiante, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and that focuses on baroque music in its broadest form.

ConcertoValiante works with students and graduates of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. The soloists and musicians come from all over the world to the Netherlands to enhance their artistic talents and qualities through studies at conservatories here.

Quirky and passionate students – that’s what we love. Our curriculum encourages an independent, autonomous attitude. We want the students to find out where their greatest talents lie, that you decide for yourself which way you want to go after your studies and that you see your role in society ahead of you. Of course we support them in various ways.

Our preference is for students and graduates who easily play together with others and understand the workings of body and mind. You make contact with the audience more easily if you feel good about yourself. Moreover, you will meet these colleagues at, among others, ConcertoValiante, because this ensemble consists of students and graduates from conservatories.

We work efficiently and seriously with every musician of the baroque ensemble in collaboration with coordinator Nelly Straatjes. We offer inspiring programs and conduct intense research into known and unknown Baroque composers from Europe and bring these composers to life in different performances. We are passionate about our work and therefore have a positive motivation.

We started opera Orlando in 2012 under the name ConcertoValiante, opera Rodelinda in 2014 and opera Ottone by G.F. Handel and opera Catone in Utica by A. Vivaldi, all released in The Hague and / or Utrecht. In July 2017, opera Ottone in Uruguay was performed with a Uruguayan cast and baroque ensemble. In October 2017 we performed Catone in Utica in theater Dakota The Hague. Of all the operas released so far, highlights are performed in advance by the soloists and musicians to familiarize them and the audience with the beautiful sounds of the Baroque period.

The baroque ensemble of ConcertoValiante also regularly performs in the Kloosterkerk and the Emmauskerk in The Hague, they provide chamber concerts in, among others, the Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden, Festival Oude Muziek in Utrecht, Oud Catholic Church in Delft, Westerkerk in Amsterdam, Titus Bradsmakerk in The Hague and the Pauluskerk in Oegstgeest.

Regular musicians of the baroque ensemble ConcertoValiante include concertmaster John Ma, James Hewitt, Dorota Gorlow, Federico Forla, Tiziano Teodori, Xiangji Zeng, Lena Rademann, Amandine Menuge, Yussif Barakat and Balazs Tóth. Leonardo Valiante is the heart of the ensemble on harpsichord.

ConcertoValiante would like to thank the Embassy of Uruguay for the pleasant cooperation. Our company is highly appreciated by the public for its high-quality concerts in the field of baroque music.
Passion, inspiration and knowledge are of paramount importance.
Website: www.concertovaliante.com
Facebook: concertovaliante


ConcertoValiante Baroque is an organization, established in The Hague since 2010 as a company, that focuses on baroque opera and chamber music. All members of the ensemble are students and graduates of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. The goal of ConcertoValiante is to connect students and graduates of conservatories, offer them a stage experience and learn new techniques of playing.

Since 2010, the baroque ensemble has performed in The Hague and surroundings (including Castle Oud Poelgeest in Oegstgeest), Amsterdam and Utrecht. The ensemble has also performed at Festival Oude Muziek.


The most known works performed by ConcertoValiante are:

In 2012 Opera Orlando by G.F. Handel with five soloists, including countertenor Leandro Marziotte, widely known at home and abroad.

In 2014, Rodelinda van Händel’s opera with six soloists, with soprano Mariana Pimenta.

In 2016 Händel’s opera Ottone with five soloists including Mariana Pimenta, countertenor Mattias Pavlous, Luise Kim, Andrea Tjäder, Rut Codina Palacio and Dody Soetanto.

In 2017, Catone in Utica by A. Vivaldi with five soloists including Mariana Pimenta, Mattias Pavlous and soprano Andrea Tjäder and tenor Carlos Monteiro.

In 2018 cantata BWV 210 of J.S. Bach and arias Cleopatra of Händel with soprano Cally Youdell and the baroque ensemble, flute concert TWV 51:D2 of Telemann with traverso Tiziano Teodori  and cellosonata No. 4 of G. B. Platti with cellist Tomas Kardos.

We perform annually in the Kloosterkerk and Abdijkerk in The Hague during lunchpause concerts. We also do projects with singing teacher Coen Honig and his students in the region of The Hague.

Since late 2018, ConcertoValiante Baroque has become a cultural foundation with ANBI status.

An extra gift deduction applies to donors of cultural ANBIs. (Individuals may deduct 1.25 times the amount of the gift in the income tax return. Companies that are subject to corporate tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of the gift in the corporate tax return).

In 2019 ConcertoValiante Baroque performed several instrumental and vocal concerts in The Hague, Oegstgeest. Through the collaboration of conductor Dody Soetanto we were in contact with his choir and in December 2019 ConcertoValiante performed Bach’s Christmas oratorio with the choir Collegium Utrecht, four international soloists of the Royal Conservatoire and the baroque ensemble consisting of twelve musicians (Oude or Barbarakerk Culemborg and Emmauskerk).