Policy plan and objective of the ConcertoValiante Baroque Foundation


The foundation was establiched on September 26, 2018 and is registered in the Kamer van Koophandel under number 72689730 / RSIN: 859199162. A part of the name of the foundation is the musical leader and chairman of the foundation Leonardo Gabriel Valiante, harpsichordist and pianist in The Hague.
The foundation wants to introduce as wide an audience as possible to the baroque music and also aims to give the relatively unknown composers from the Baroque period and their works to the public and give them more name. In the continuation of this policy plan, this general objective will be further elaborated

The foundation was recently established. This policy plan therefore does not have any previous versions, on which this plan could be further developed or on the basis of which an evaluation of already conducted policy could take place. There is already some years experience with giving concerts. The aim is now to better realize the objective of baroque music by means of a more structured organization and systematic approach in a foundation, to ensure more continuity, and to achieve deepening and intensification of the quality in the performances.
The plan covers the short and medium term and covers a period of three years, say the years up to and including 2021.

Baroque music for a larger audience and (more) name recognition for unknown baroque composers and their works is the core objective of the foundation. For this reason, board member James Hewitt is strongly influenced by thorough research into baroque composers and their enthusiasm for the production of the works, in collaboration with chairman Leonardo Valiante. We focus on connoisseurs and lovers of classical music, but we also try to reach out and enthuse people who are relatively unknown. The works are brought by young musicians who are willing to invest in the objective of the foundation. The permanent performers work together with students from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, aiming to have different nationalities perform. In this way, different cultures and backgrounds are brought into contact with each other, both in the ensemble and in the audience.


Quality, young talented musicians, baroque music that is not yet known, are core conditions for the core objective. There is a lot of attention for motivating the participating musicians. Thorough research is being done into the composers, the time in which they lived and their background with the aim of creating the right atmosphere in performances.
It would be nice if the baroque ensemble eventually acquired some name and reputation, in the region and perhaps nationally. Continuous quality improvement has a positive effect on individual musicians. This interaction and effects resulting from the core objective can contribute to the implementation in the longer term also by invitation.

Three baroque concert series are planned each year, each of which consists of two or three concerts. This depends on the availability of musicians, soloists and choirs, available locations and the like. The ensemble has a varying composition of three to eight musicians. Baroque concerts will be given with and without soloists. For the year 2019 is planned: one concert series with the ensemble and two concert series that are performed with ensemble, soloists and choir.
The concerts will not take place in beautiful concert halls. The financial possibilities are not available for this. The concerts will be given in places that are accessible to the public in a figurative sense: a church building, a neighborhood building etc ..
Through the website of the foundation, flyers and awareness in the circle of people around all those involved in the foundation, as much publicity as possible is given to the concerts. The best advertising is ultimately the recommendation by visitors to others through the quality of the concerts. The concerts are mentioned on the concert agenda of the website.

Organization and board members

Foundation ConcertoValiante Barok was established on September 26, 2018, she is registered in the Kamer van Koophandel under number 72689730 / RSIN: 859199162.
Chairman: Leonardo Gabriel Valiante, harpsichordist, living at: The Hague
Secretary: Petronella Gerarda Maria Straatjes – van den Bosch, living at: The Hague
Treasurer: Robert Peter Straatjes, living in The Hague
General board member: James Hewitt, violinist, living in Voorburg
Contact can be made with the foundation via the secretary mrs. Nelly Straatjes, Hoogkarspelstraat 137, 2547LL The Hague. The e-mail address is Telephone accessibility under telephone number 06 23867050.


The foundation tries to work with minimal costs. The fee for the musicians depends on the financial scope that is available. Thanks to the support of volunteers, costs are also kept low.
Revenue is generated through entrance fees, donations and subsidies. We will also try to warm up sponsors for the foundation’s wonderful goal.

compensation expenses

Directors or members of the Foundation only receive compensation for expenses incurred. Costs incurred are costs that board members reasonably have due to their position with the Foundation.

Financial support

Our foundation has received by the national government the so-called ANBI status. This abbreviation stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling. For the ConcertoValiante Barok Foundation, this qualifies as a cultural ANBI. (For more information, see the website of the Tax Authorities: )  This means that financial donations offer tax relief for the donor in connection with donation deductions.


Founders, board members, musicians, volunteers, all those involved in the ConcertoValiante Barok Foundation, want to achieve that with their passion and dedication each concert will be a musical experience. They hope that something new is born with their discovery in the field of baroque music.